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A Christmas greeting From All of us to All of You!

May this season find some Joy for you and yours.

As we all ask for

"Peace on Earth and good will towards men"

We know that men have stood in harms way, so that we may pray.


Know it's kinda late for the greeting, but "Merry Christmas". Sent you all a card which, at the time of this writing, should be in your hands - extending all my greetings of the season. Hope it arrived in time and in fairly good shape. Was printed on one of those microscopic V's {V-mail}, and if you couldn't read it, it did say merry Christmas.

Harold Kleindienst

Dec 24 Fri.
Are having quiet time now. Celebrate Xmas Eve. Making fudge !!! No news today. Still here in Pozzelli.
Dec 25 Sat.
Was up till 2:30 this morning just sitting around talking. We just missed celebrating Xmas Eve with some of dying. A shell dropped three yds from corner of our house, which made it 6 yds all told from us. God was sure with us this time. Shall long remember this date.

Paul Brown

On Christmas day 1943 while we were in the city of Venafro, just east of Casino, we were served a hot turkey dinner with all the trimmings. After five or six weeks of eating K-rations, a hot meal was very welcome. We were at a standstill in the area of Venafro for several days, unable to make any gain in the mountains of Casino due partly to the weather, but mostly to the German defense lines.

Cor Longiotti


Christmas has come and, once again, gone. It was a far cry from the holiday thoughts of deep down in our hearts but nevertheless it was much nicer than perhaps we'd expected it to be. Uncle Sams neatly functioning postal service coupled with turkey - most of the fixins too - helped no end. Of course, we managed for a little "Vino" (Italian red wine)and some Italian spaghetti. One of friend Wops found a "spaghetti machine" which the looting Jerries had over-looked enroute north and we made the most of it

Harold Kleindienst

We would see our planes flying over several times and they would drop tinsel like strips of aluminum foil to evade the enemy radar. At Christmas 1944 we picked up some of the tinsel and one of the fellows found a small evergreen tree, which we decorated. The guards had someone go to the local bar to buy some beer and we celebrated Christmas our way.

Cor Longiotti, POW

Oh yes, 'fore i forget, let me tell you about our little Christmas tree. The battery comander and I went out and cut down a small pine tree - trimmed it with greeting cards and pakage wrappings - mounted it on a box base covered with moare package wrappings and one of my white face towels - surrounded the base with candy, ciggarettes, gum and a package of C & S atop two cans of Maxwell House.

Harold Kleindiest




All the men that didn't have cast on could get an over night pass twice a week. Christmas Eve after we went to bed, about 2300 hours two nurses came in with a box and were putting a bag at each bed. When the nurse came beside my bed I asked if she was Santa and she jumped like she was shot, then said you are suppose to be asleep.

Vere Williams


Christmas was made pretty much of a happy ocassion by all the wonderful cards, letters and packages. Thanks so much - to all of you - for your thoughtfulness. Too, Uncle Sam once again came through with turkey dinner complete, plus a good-sized liquor ration of Scotch (John Haig), Rye (Schenley) and Gin (Gibley's) To top it off, we had a white holiday - the countryside is still white and there's plenty more in the air. Blanketed with snow or bathed in appeal. These quaint Alsation homes now appear to me as Christmas cards I'd so long seen, suddenly become real.
Things are going well with us but to convince these hard-headed Krauts of the futility of their suicidal efforts is going to require a most complete drubbing of every single one of their organizations. They're fanatically stubborn, damn, them.

Harold Kleindienst

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