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TSGT Bernard Fleming was in 157th 3rd Battalion HQ company Anti tank Platoon. Photo taken near Naples before the Southern France landings.
TSGT Bernard Fleming and friends. Pictured from Left to Right
(George Welgus-NJ, Scalabrino-NY (sorry forgot first name), Meroslaw Melnick ASN 32209035 Bronx NY, and TSGT Bernard Fleming-Springfield, MA

Interesting, Scalabrino's Father was from Italy, mother's family from france. When the war broke out, Scalabrino lived in Italy. When Mussolini took power his family sent him to France to avoid the draft. Then when Germany invaded France his family got him out and sent him to America (we think NY). Eventually he was drafted in the US Army with the 45th (157th). He died during the war. The others in the photo survived and made it home.

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