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Here are some photos to introduce you to the members of our Living History Group, at various events we have attended.

Reenacting Photo Archive

Reenacting Photos FIG2004

Photo Gallery Main Page

Reenacting 261st Coast Artillery

Our Regular Living History Cast of Characters


John Kelly:

Our leader in this endeavor is John Kelly. He has served in every position of the Executive committee and is presently our President. He is one of our founding members and also very active in the Boy Scouts of America. His favorite Line is, "I'm too old for this Shaving cream".

John Kelly Safty instructor

Out in front at Fort Indian Town Gap

John with Rob and Tony at Reading WWII weekend

John at Jambo 2004 , Nazareth PA

John having fun but keeping things in order

Rob Riley 

Rob is now the Vice President of our association. Once he made the mistake of wearing a bowler hat while eating a hamburger, after lots of hard work and effort no one calls our Platoon Sergeant "Whimpy" now! Rob is a member of his local volunteer fire company and works with our 120th Medical Bn. and 700 Ordinance Light Maintenance Company Displays.

Rob with 700th OLM Company display

Rob as squad leader

Having fun

Rob is just that Type

Stuff Posing As  Meat

Doug Riley:

Doug attended his first Fort Indiantown Gap event January 2008. He is a retired Band director at Northern High School, Dillsburg, PA. He serves as our recruiter par excellence.


Doug Riley


Doug Riley and friends

John Uhler:

Padre is our Holy Joe. He keeps us reverent as best he can.


John Uhler

Scott Strong:

Scott is our unofficial quartermaster. He keeps us in canvas.


Scott Strong

Jeff Batt:

Jeff is our photographer. Many of these photos are used with his permission.


Jeff Batt

Distinguished Alumni

Dave Cubby:

Dave started as one of our Youth members.

Dave at FIG 2003

Fall training at Memory town

On the radio

Keeping an Eye out

This end over the rafter the other end around...

Tom Fenton:

Tom has been a big asset to the group. He took over the Unit Newsletter and did a bang up Job. He presently serves as Secretary Treasurer. Tom has been very possesive lately, all we keep hearing him talk about is "Mine" with his 120th Combat Engineer Display.

Tom at fall training

teaching at Jambo 2004

Hey what's he getting?

What's Mine is for the enemy

I know thier out there somewhere.

Tony Laino:

Tony is one of our old hands. He's a veteran of Civil War and WWII Living History. When you meet him don't forget to ask him about his hats!

Eat when they let you

We can dress him up, but the Germans can't take him out

Rest when you get the chance

All is safe


Charles Herbert:

Charles Herbert, or "Herbie" as he's called, has been in the 45th since 2003. He portrays a combat medic with the 120th Medical Battalion, and was a real-life Paramedic in Newark, NJ and Eastern PA.

Guy, you need to drink more water!

Watching out for us at Fort Indian Town Gap

Jambo in the Morning

I want to be just like Herbie when I grow up.

No comment

Jonathan Eike:

The original 45th had Bill Mauldin, we have Jon Eike! He's our Long commute from Iowa (Yes he lived in Jersey once upon a time) His specialty is reproduction paper work.

No I'm not embarrassed to be with you folks back east.

Jambo 2004

Fall training

Ready for trouble

Jon loves talking to folks

Chris Kelly:

Well if John is the "Old man" then Chris must be the "Young man". He has found his own place in his own right in our group. He is retired Army Major. He now serves the needs of our veterans through his work in the VA.

Chris his first time out with WWII

Where's my TANK!

AG all the way!

Really, reenacting is fun.

Guy Dellatorre:

Guy also started out as a Youth member in our Venturing Crew. He was also a Police Explorer.

Can I keep them?

Really Guy, I swear thats what he said.

Knot again

Little Green Riding Hood heading off to Grossmutters Haus

Mike Chiarella :

Mike is another graduate of our Venture Crew.

Mike's second event, Fort

Mike tells all about last night.

Matt McGlamery:

He's come along way since his first event in January 2003, you'd hardly recognize him, now serving in the armed forces.

FIG 2003, Matt

Nick Serickstad:

A few years and few photos still. Some would say his impresion is in need of polish, we love him anyway!

Thunderbirds always get the girls!

Tony Garrison:

Tony is our Texas contingent. We don't see him often but it is a pleasure when we do. (he actually brings a camera and takes photos)

Dave Mendleson:

The last of our Police Explorer/Venture Crew members. He has not made a lot of events but he is welcome and has fun when he does.He presently has a great job as a software designer.

Dave learns how to clean the Garrand

Patrick Chandler:

Eric Rieth:

One of the founding members, Eric has served in each of the positions on the executive committee.

Eric loves old trains

Eric loves briefings

Eric quit smoking

Eric never shuts up

Mark your targets

Jeremy Bice

Jeremy is our newest Medic, with Rob taking additional responsibilities and Herbie being Phantom of the Reenactment (EMS and saving real lives takes time)it is good to maintain safety in depth.He's a good fellow and we're glad to have him.

Jeremy is a real fun Guy, no wait a minute PFC Dellatorre is a fun Guy, maybe Jeremy is a fungi?

When we work we work hard, when we sit we sit loose.

looks pretty good cleaned up doesn't he.

A solid team player

Keith Reinemann:

Keith is the one beter known as sandbag, he got the nickname at the Ike farm. He is the DJ for the delta blues show on FIG radio during the bulge event. font>

Axis Sally Eat your heart out.

He likes play toys!

Ha Ha Ha, where's the real food ?

Will he remember this in the morning?

Ready for Fun.

Bill Pettigrew:

Bill is our official photographer. I'm only a private, so I don't get to see his photos; as a matter of fact I think the officers pay him so NOBODY, gets to see the photos. Hmmmm....

"You should have been here before the war!"

"You mean it goes in the ground stake first?"

"It only has 100,000 miles and 1 war"

The G.I. Bill

Kevin Tucker:

Kevin saw his first tactical Fort Indiantown Gap event January 2008. His other interests are playing the drum in a drum line. He is currently serving in the US Navy.

Stephen Mooney:

Stephen tends to be as elusive as Nick. Where as the rest of us seem not to know Jack, Stephen insists that he does...

I certainly don't mean to slight any of our other Living history Participants, but if you want to be included you need to get in front of a camera!

Memorial Day Bridgeton, NJ

Memorial Day Bridgeton, NJ

Sicily & Italy Photos

Veterans Now and Then

Gerald Hall Photos
(157th Infantry Regiment)


Veterans Now and Then,
180th Infantry Regiment


Veterans Now and Then, Division Artillery

S. France & Alsace Photos

Veterans Now and Then,
157th Infantry Regiment


Veterans Now and Then,
179th Infantry Regiment


Veterans Now and Then,
645th Tank Destroyers

Gilbert Wailes
A Battery,
160th FA Bn.


Germany Photos

Reenacting Photos

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