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45th ID Headquarters crest WW2

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45th ID Headquarters crest WW2
45th Infantry Division Thunderbird Second Worldwar

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Welcome to our 45th Infantry Division photo Gallery. We have placed this here so that you can get to see the faces and places of the men behind the history and so that you can help us identify the names of people and places not listed in the caption. If you have photos that you would be willing to share with us,or information about photo's that we have up already, please E-mail us at:
WWIIRA History Department.

Click the thumbnail to view the full size photo and captions.

Sicily & Italy Photos
Thunderbirds loading onto the USS Dorothea Dix, Newport News , Virginia Troops brought in by train right onto the docks Batty B, 189th FA loading onto ship. 45th ID Vehicles waiting to be loaded onto the ships
S. France & Alsace Photos
Germany Photos
Half track with 37mm AT gun Sling loading a half track Camoflage 6x6 truck Vehicles preparing to load.
Veterans Now and Then
Veterans Now and Then,
157th Infantry Regiment

Prepareing Vehcles for loading onto ships. Scoglitti, Sicily Ammunition vessel hit by German aircraft, Sicily Evacuating wounded from Gela , Sicily.
Gerald Hall Photos
(157th Infantry Regiment)

troops marching through Caltanisseta, Sicily Passing the Facist Youth HQ Caltanissetta, Sicily Gen. Bradley, II Corp Commander, drives by resting thunderbirds Caltanissetta, Sicily leaving Caltanissetta, Sicily
Veterans Now and Then,
179th Infantry Regiment
Marching to the North Coast Messina, Sicily 17 August 1943 loading at the docks in Palermo T-Bird waiting to land in Italy
Veterans Now and Then,
180th Infantry Regiment

USS W. A. Mann at Newport News VA carried replacements USS W.A. Mann carried 45th ID for invasion of Italy Enlisted quarters on board ship Dinning area aboard ship
Veterans Now and Then,
645th Tank Destroyers

bathroom aboard ship Landing near Salerno, Italy "The Tobacco Factory" Persano, Italy Peastum Italy
Veterans Now and Then, Division Artillery
Peastum Italy Peastum Italy Peastum Italy Eboli, Italy
Gilbert Wailes
A Battery,
160th FA Bn.

Officers Mess, 179th Infantry HQ Italy Ruins, Italy Sniper hunting in Caiazzano , Italy  
Reenacting Photos
Italian Shoe makers modifying boots Removing a dud shell , Presenzano, Italy 120th engineers run a ferry across the Volturno river. Volturno river ferry Volturno river ferry
Volturno river ferry Volturno Valley North of Venafro Marching through mountains Venafro, Italy
Ration dump Vairano, Italy
Ration dump Vairano, Italy
Bring in the mules
G.I. Mule
Italian Mule
56th Evac Hospital Landing at Anzio Mussolini cannal Anzio beachhead "The Factory" Dead Germans near "the factory"
"The Caves" Supply Depot Supply Depot Fired a lot of artillery shells Hell's half acre, the Evac Hospital
Rail gun shells land in the harbor Concealed Tank Destroyer "The over pass"
Garabaldis tomb, 179th Infanty Command Post
German Goliath remote control bomb tank
German Armor prepares for the offensive
Shermans ready their attack
Unloading more
wounded being readied to leave
Break out begins
Medic Jeep and a German SP 88mm
German Dual Purpose 88mm
Along the road to Rome
Crossing the Tiber River outside Rome.
Memorial Day 1944 Nettuno, Italy
Rest area outside of Rome
Naples harbor August 1944
waiting to load at Naples
Convoy loading for Southern France Invasion
France Photos
Germany Photos
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