Captain Harold F. Kleindienst
April 4, 1945

Capt. H.F. Kleindienst
O-1165025, U.S. Army
Hq. 45th Div. Arty
APO #45, c/o P.M., New York

ril 4, 1945


Hi Gang -



Just a short note to say "hello" and to let you know that we're rolling across old Adolph's acres at quite the merry clip. What was initially a break through, can now be correctly called a rout. The Wehrmacht is disintergrating into a badly disorganized outfit. Prisoners of war are rolling in by thousands and townspeople are not slow in displaying the white flag, once they overcome their stunned disbelief upon seeing us roll on in, and become practical-minded concerning the protection of their towns. Yes, the Germans are seeing the blitzkrieg of 1940 in reverse - this time Allied armadas of men and steel chasing a straggling, hunted, beaten Wehrmacht.

Amazing to them too, is the fact that we ignore them and that, according to the very best German propaganda is not how the

Americans, the "bloodthirsty Americans", do things. We're supposed to kill women and little children, burn and destroy their homes, rape and loot. One hears tales of whole villiages fleeing into the woods to escape the bloodthirsty Americans, but I've yet to enter the town where dully-staring crowds are in evidence.

There's really not a great deal to write about though, censorship permitting, I could probably fill a dozen pages.

Had a wonderful letter from Betty Forrest. She's now located in Manila and has much to say ab0out conditions in that badly battered city. Suppose she's already written you a similiar note.

Replenished my rapidly dwindling liquor supply again. This time with some Three Star Hennessey after another warehouse had been taken. One of the nicer things about fighting within Germany. That and moving in to nicer homes for quarters. That incidentally, appears to be the chief resentment among civillians - being ordered from their homes so that troops on the move can occupy them for the night.

Scenes along roads and in towns become more international by the day, what with so many thousands of prisoners and slave laborers being liberated and set free. They stumble on, covered with mud and dust, carrying all their earthly belongings on their backs. Some have been captives long enough to raise families and they too line the roads, trudging on to goodness knows where - just moving along. Quite the sight and just another to add to the mounting number of headaches for the military.

Got quite a bit to do so I'll sign off for a while. Best regards to you all and well - perhaps I will be home for that '45 Christmas Party.






P.S. Thanks for all the swell letters and please keep "em coming.

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