Captain Harold F. Kleindienst
August 20,1944


August 20, 1944
Southern France

Hello Gang,



I know that it's been a long time since my last letter, but knowing what's been goinga on over here, you probably are all just oozing over with forgiveness......huh? Okeh, that's better.

Well, we di it again and, not a half way job either as you have probably gathered from the news reports on our activity. Things continue to roll along smoothly and we intend keeping them so.

The country and the people make the change from the Italian front quite the refreshing one. Conditions here are so much better than they were on the boot. The people are much cleaner, better dressed, live well -- even though in most cases modestly, the homes and lands are neater and better cared many cases quite modern and with the customary "States" conveniences. Can't tell you how wonderful it is to meet up with people much like our own.....who live, act and think as do we.

Sincere, heartfelt joy is evident just everywhere among the civilians as a result of our coming. God and they alone know what an ordeal it was putting up with the domineering kraut for four long years and now, finally.....liberation! What a day for these unfortunate people. It puts just that much more meaning in our every victory.....freeing people who are truly allies.

We've had no mail for several weeks and anxiously await the arrival of first batch. For that matter, none of our letters have been sent out yet; that is, any which have been scratched out in the hustle of the movement.

As usual, Uncle Sam is taking good care of his boys......feeding them well, supplying them with cigareetes, and rushing in everything essential to the cause.

There's really not very much that I can say except that I'm in good health and spirits (actually posses some too....this French wine and Cognac is mighty good and, abundant) though the arrival of "Stan-bits" and letters from home would help the latter no end.

There has really not been time for a long letter nor, has the censor yet agreed to allow us toa mention enough for a good sized letter. So, for awhile then, I will say au revoir, God bless you all and, please write soon. Kindest regards to all and, perhaps that big party for which we've planned so long isn't very far off.



As ever, very sincerly,



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