Captain Harold F. Kleindienst
January 7,1944

Capt. H.F. Kleindienst
O-1165025, U.S. Army
Hq. 45th Div. Arty
APO #45, c/o P.M., New York


January 7
, 1945

Hello Gang!



I'm sorry to be so very far behind schedule on this one but, as we explain most things that go wrong - C'est La Guerre!

We've been kept plenty busy and as a result, our correspondence has been rather sadly neglected.


Christmas was made pretty much of a happy ocassion by all the wonderful cards, letters and packages. Thanks so much - to all of you - for your thoughtfulness. Too, Uncle Sam once again came through with turkey dinner complete, plus a good-sized liquor ration of Scotch (John Haig), Rye (Schenley) and Gin (Gibley's) To top it off, we had a white holiday - the countryside is still white and there's plenty more in the air. Blanketed with snow or bathed in appeal. These quaint Alsation homes now appear to me as Christmas cards I'd so long seen, suddenly become real.

Things are going well with us but to convince these hard-headed Krauts of the futility of their suicidal efforts is going to require a most complete drubbing of every single one of their organizations. They're fanatically stubborn, damn, them.

Was sent to Paris for 10 days, on business, just recently. Managed to squeeze in plenty of pleasure however. Follewed Cook's itinerary just as closely as time would allow and got to see most of the places considered to be "tourist musts". The night itinerary proved far more interesting - cabarets, Follies bergere, bars, shows - ohh,la,la, what a City.

Much of the gayety has returned and Paris impresses the visitor as a normal, humming metropolis. Riding the Metro brought back memories of those daily "early morning" trips across the river to 57th & Madison. Can you imagine, I actually enjoyed riding the Paris subways.

I received a Christmas card from Betty Forrest and apparently she's quite pleased with her new assignment. That too will wear off. It will soon be two years of combat for us and I, for one am ready at any timeto make that trip home.

at present I am on temporary duty with one of our artillery battalions holding down a major's job, but it will probably only be for another month. He is at one of our hospitals recuperating from an injury. Like the work and wouldn't mind staying if they'd throw in the gold leaves - but I'm one of those "junior" captains so not a chance.

Had some pictures taken in southern France and the negs are now (should be) at home. I will ask mother to send a set of the snaps over to you so you can see how I've aged during my 19 months of fighting. Better not agree with me now.

Your letters are always most welcome and I do so much enjoy them all. Right now I'm "sweating out" a play-by-play report on the Christmas shindig. Golly, but I hope I'll be able to make next year's party.

Say, for the benefit of the girls, let me say this: - Ever since the time I first started "dating", I've read and heard about the well-dressed Parisian women. Well, yes they are and they can, for some unexplainable reasons, get by with the darndest looking chapeaux and still appear attractive. But give me an American gal sporting one of those slick looking Knox "snap brims", a couvert cloth coat - ANYTIME! We all cast admiring glances at some time or other toward the " slick chicks" of Paree, but despite gossip, our heads and thoughts are still very much centered on that gal of gals back home in the States (applause - o.k., now I feel better.)

Well, this is about it for now. I've got to route some articllery kraut-ward but promise to be back 'ere long. Once again, thanks for every thing and do please continue those letters. Regards to all and Happy New Year. As ever


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