Captain Harold F. Kleindienst
September 13,1944


Capt. H.F. Kleindienst
0-1165025, U.S. Army
Hq., 45 Div. Arty.
APO #45, c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

Return to M. Cryan


September 13, 1944


Hello Gang -



Just a few lines to let you know that we're stil percolating in these parts - moving ahead continuously.

The Krauts find it difficult standing up against the never ceasing pressure being applied in all sectors and as a result, the distance 'tween us and Berlin is swiftly being whittled away.

Weather is cooler and in all probability this coming winter will not be much like the mild one we had last year on the sunny "boot". Of course, we're a good bit north of gay Napoli and our other Italian playgrounds so the winter is bound to be a lot rougher. Oh well, Uncle Sam will probably come through in his usual efficient manner, supply us sufficient equipment and clothing to cope with the icy blasts.

Here one sees many wonderous sights - not only the terrain, which in itself would take pages and pages to adequately describe - but the people themselves present us with sights none of us will find easy to forget. Believe I've mentioned the very wonderful manner in which these people greet us as we enter the freshly liberated towns - the hugging and kissing, the offering of liquor and food, the flower strewn streets, the bumnting draped homes and buildings (Tri-color, Stars and Stripes and Union Jack), the cheers amid tears, the music, the singing. In one town a brass band played as we rolled on through - music international: "Wild Irish Rose", "K,K,K,K, Katy", "Tipperary", Le Marseilles", Over There", and some

other ditties I failed to recognize. On a road between towns, a little boy stood at attention, hand raised in salute, singing the last war favorite "Over There" just as loud as he possibly could. Best of all, of course is "fighting" our way through all that wonderful lipstick. Of course, the old, longbearded menfolk pull the same stunt and thats not so nice. To refuse their slobbering embrace might bring about repercussions - anything for allied unity, you know - so, to prevent "incidents", we smile very politely as the bushy stuff whisks from cheek to cheek. I've enjoyed the very fine hospitality of several families and believe me, the cooking, cordiality, the sincerity of their welcome, plus the genuine friendship and fellowship, is just not to be outdone. They simply put out with allthey have to impress upon us their complete joy over our arrival. Once again the homes ring with laughter and music but even that does not hamper these people in the work they realise must continue - helping to beat the enemy into defeat complete. They wage a relentless and merciless war against those who occupied and bled their country feeble for four long years - a war such as we'd never before seen or known, They're out for vengeance and getting it too.

Even in their hasty retreat, the enemy finds time to inflict cruel blows - murder, rape, arson, mayhem, theft - parting stings never to be forgotten by these hardy allies of ours. Well, the day of reckoning isn't far off though I refuse to share the over optimistic attitude now prevalent in the States.

Received the razor blades and cigarette lighter and many, many thanks - sure do appreciate all the thoughtful gestures.

Oh yes, was promoted to Captain and am quite excited over the two bars I now wear.

Glad to hear that Ev Thiele is back in the fold.

Elmer Lucken finally broke down and wrote ( not a crack really, El, was sure glad to hear from you). Mary Cryan continues to keep me posted and Carol (Hess) Weil and WAC Betty continue to keep this guy smiling with their sweet notes. Keep' em coming 'cause I'm sure in the receptive mood.

Well, it's nearing two in the A.M. and I'm about to trudge 200 yards through a heavy rainstorm from our command post here to my cot and sack.

Good night for a while and do please keep 'em coming. Willwrite soon again.





Reguards to all,

As ever



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