Captain Harold F. Kleindienst
September 30,1944

Capt. H.F. Kleindienst
Hq. 45th Div Arty.
APO #45, c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.


September 30, 1944

Hello Gang!

Just a few lines of greeting from France. Not much in the way of news this time as I've been in the hospital for 2 weeks with malaria. Finally cought up with me here in cold France after spending 2 summers in the Continent's worst malaria country. How do you like that?

Sending a short period now at a convalescent hospital and should be returning to duty sometime next week.

Haven't recieved "Stan Bits" for some time - 'smatter, quit publishing it or has it just not been reachingme ? really miss it - did keep us so closely in touch with people and all the big doings at the factory.

We are located near a fairly large city and are permitted to go in for a few hours each day. There are "beaucoup" shops and fine big stores so shopping is plentiful but rather an expensive pasttime. Hence, I'm npt doing very much. Electricity is working once again, movies are going full swing, the bars are doing a rushing business and restrants - though food is not too plentiful - are doing a bit of all right.

Afraid that as far as the war here is concerned, most of us are in accord with brother Churchill's statement about hostilities continuing until Spring. Can't possibly see it ending any sooner. On their own soil, the Krauts won't be Quite the soft touch.

Say, what are the possibilities of sending on back copies of "printers' Ink" and Advertising & Selling"? Would appreciate it - keeping up with current events and trends.

Haven't had any mail since leaving the outfit so there should be a stack awaiting me.

Well, this isn't much of a letter, I grant you, but am thinking of you all anyway. Will try to do better next time.

My very best reguards to you all and do please keep the letters coming.



As ever, very sincerly,



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