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Lynn Randels

179th Infantry regiment Crest, 45th Division, Second Worldwar

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For a small group of Veterans of the 179th, they will know why she's here and for some family members who may have seen her photo in thier fathers Army stuff this will answer who she was.

Used with permission of Jim Birdwell

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Lynn Randels World War Two Pin-up Girl, for the Anti-tank Company, 179th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division

Ardmore's war time pin up girl

By Dana Hill
Staff Writer

Singing with a big band in Altus led to one local woman being a World War II pin up girl.
Marilyn Sullivan, known as Lynn Randels around here, was a 1934 Ardmore High School graduate. She was in her 20s, pursuing a singing and dancing career and singing in a big band with a man named Clayton.
First Sgt. James Clayton Ealum took along a picture of Lynn when he went to war. The beauty of his friend was admired by the guys in the 179th Infantry Regiment and they sent her this letter:
"Our" dear Lynn;
With due respect to Clayton "Bing" - he's too selfish with your picture, we -- the undersigned have chosen you to be our, "Pin up girl" -- already we have three of our anti-tank guns named in your honor, -- and if we continue to have the success we have enjoyed since naming our guns Lynn I, II and III, Jerry will find himself with no tanks to line up in our sights.

We had a great deal of trouble in getting your address from "Bing," and too, we believe he was reluctant to let us have the same
Here's the pay off Lynn, we are asking you for one-half dozen photos of your ever gorgeous self, if you please!
P.S. Please autograph all the pictures, and let us know if you object of being our "Pin up girl."
"I was so thrilled to think those guys over there wanted my photos," Sullivan said. "I was no movie star."
She said she didn't know why they wanted her to be their pin up girl, but it was just a great thrill to think that they'd write her and ask.
"I was surprised and shocked," she said.
She said maybe they chose her because her photos were a little more "showy" than regular photos of girls back home.

Lynn Randels "her photos were a little more "showy" than regular photos of girls back home." Thunderbird Pin-up girl
Marilyn Sullivan as she is today

Now, author Penn Rabb has written a book about "her" regiment, "Tomahawk and Peace Pipe: The 179th Infantry Regiment." He will be signing his book Saturday from 1to 3 p.m. at the Bookseller at 614 W. Main in Ardmore.
"I would like to get a copy of this book and talk to the author," Sullivan said.
She said she wants to find out where he did his research and find out if possibly any of the men who signed her letter are still living so she can get in touch with them.

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