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Pfc Joe Vien ASN: 37625476

Born 4 April 1941 in St Louis, MO

Inducted in to service 28 September 1943, entered Service at Jefferson Barracks 19 October 1943.

12 April 1944 he sets sail for Africa arriving 18 May 1944, from there he goes to A replacement depot near Naples Italy and is assigned to K Company, 179th Infantry Regiment before they leave for the invasion of Southern France.

On 15th August 1944 Joe participates in his first beach landing on the Southern shores of France, as part of operation Dragoon.

On the afternoon of October 20th, K Company was involved in exploiting gains made by G Company earlier in the day. Germans counter attacked closing the Gap in their lines but 3rd Battalion, 179th had gained possesion of the ridges just west of Brouvelieures, France.


The Winter of 1944 - 1945 was one of the worst on record in Europe.

V-Mail Christmas Card mailed 12 December 1944

The 12th of December found K Company manning road blocks West of Niederbronn, France covering the 157th Infantry Regiments Flank.


Late February - Early March 1944 found the 179th IR in rest and retraining, many new replacements were being assimilated into the 45th, and time was found to catch up on mail.

Feb 23, 1945

Dear Mom
Will Mom hows our two girls today? Fine I hope.
I'm fine Mom so don't worry about me.
How that daughter of mind? Ibet she is getting big.
Tonight is show night so I think I'll go.
Hows Papa? I bet he is working 7 days a week.
How does Bev like Jr. high? I bet she thinks shes it.
Im typing this in the orderly room.
I hope you can make it out.
Say Mom can Joele say Hi Dad yet?
Mom send me Al address and Ill wright him a few lines.
Has Ed left yet? I hope not. Did Rogger get his helmet yet?
Have you heard any more about Bill or Milton?
I guess there be back soon.
Hows theweather in St.Louis ? Its better over here now then it was
It's a lot warmer now.
Hows Cookie and his girl getting along?
Gee I cant get over how cute Joele is and how big she is.
That my daughter.
Boy I can just see her when you are Sis takes her out.
I bet she look like a doll.
Will Mom this mess cant last must longer then Ill be home.
That day cant come any soon for me.
It just doesent seem Im so far away.
I been over this Gods for sacken place 10 months nowthat just 10
Months to long. Ha, Ha.
I sure hope I don't have to stay over here another 10 months.
I bet little Sissy keeps you and Sis pretty busy all day.
Sis said Joele is a little spoiled. You dident have any thing to do
With spoiling her did you Mom? No I bet not. Ha, Ha.
I can hear you way over here Mom saying, Will she only the baby.
Tell Papa Mil and all I said hello.
Give Joele a big hugh and kiss for me Mom.
Give Sis a extra big hugh and kiss for me Mom.
Boy for the day I can take them in my arms myselft. Gee that's going
To be the day.
Will Mom don't worry about me Im fine.
Hope this fines you all O.K.
And hope to here from you soon.
All my Love.
You Son G. I. Joe

Joe was able to get some time on pass in France.


He made it into Germany and finnished the hostilities with the 45th Infantry Division.


October 3rd, 1945 Joe sets sail for home arriving 13 October in the U.S.A. He was discharged at the convenience of the Government 8 days latter. His time in service was 2 years 24 days, 1 year 5 months and 23 days of overseas service.

His awards were Combat Infantry Badge, Purple Heart, Good Condut medal and 4 caimpaign stars.


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