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Garden State Council BSA

from top left Dave Cubby, Guy Della Torre, Tony Laino, Rob Riley,  Matt McGlamery, Mike Chiarella, Tom Fenton
Venturers and Adult Leaders
at USO Show

Venturing Oath

As a Venturer, I Promise
To do my Duty to God,
To Help Strengthen America,
To Help Others,
And to Seek Truth,
Fairness, and Adventure.


Thinking of getting into a new hobby? Wonder what it would be like to be a different person in a different time? Then start thinking about World War II reenacting. I know what you might be thinking. How much fun could that be? Well, would we tromp around in the snow for the heck of it if it weren't fun? Would you catch us on a blistering summer day wearing loads of wool clothing if it weren't fun? Probably not. Imagine spending a weekend in the 1940’s enjoying some big band music, dancing with the girls, hanging out with other GI's, and being in the middle of a war. Maybe the war part doesn’t sound like fun, but it is enlightening, in addition to the fact that on Sunday, you can just go home. Reflecting on the fact that the people who you represent and meet didn't have that luxury might be sobering, but can help you understand and appreciate the sacrifice those heroes made for you. Learning about World War II can be as much of an adventure as a learning experience. A lovely young lady in a WAC uniform
You can feel confident knowing that our Venturing Crew has highly trained and qualified Venturing Crew Leaders to reinforce the traditions and beliefs established by the Boy Scouts of America. We also have current and former members of the United States Armed Forces actively involved with the Crew.
Members of 45th Infantry Division and 33rd Signal Construction Battalion Reenactors and Venturing Crew 1941 Youth Members.
Unit members learning the art of camoflage. Yes, there are people in the picture. Can you spot them?
Camouflaged soldiers

German Reenactors
at Ft Indiantown Gap
with SdKfz 222, Scout Car
We teach teamwork, leadership, tactical skills, and discipline through training sessions and reenactments of World War II Campaigns. After you have learned, you will be given responsibility for a squad and tested in making quick decisions in a simulated combat environment.

German Reenactors
at Ft Indiantown Gap
with Anti-tank gun

Line of Pup Tents set up at a Living History display.

We give crew members the opportunity to learn survival skills through outdoor activities such as camping and field authentic food preparation.

We also train out of the cold.


World War II Veteran Pete Westerhoff.  This is an actual photo of him during his time overseas.
Pete Westerhoff 1945
John Kelly, Safety Instructor


We strive to educate our Venturers, in addition to the general public, of the trials and tribulations of war. So that we may better understand what these men and women sacrificed in the name of freedom. We chose to portray the 45th Infantry Division, Army National Guard, but our duty is to honor all those, in every branch of the services, past and present, who have laid their lives on the line. We are participants in the Veterans History Project, Library of Congress.



Our venturing crew gives teens (and adults too) the opportunity to learn to safely handle blank adapted firearms actually used during World War II, under the guidance of an NRA certified Safety Instructor, John Kelly.

Pete Westerhoff and Reenactors 2001
Care and cleaning of the
Rifle, Caliber .30, M1

We give our youth members the chance to develop lasting friendships with their peers who are interested in the same kinds of activities and give them an opportunity to interact with adults who present role models.

45th Infantry Division Thunderbird


To join the Venturing Crew you must be at least 14 years of age, or 13 and completed the 8th grade, and all must have parental consent. Before youth members may attend a tactical event, they must pass the BSA requirements for firearms safety.


We hold meetings on an as needed basis. Most of the activities happen in conjunction with the events we attend. Venturing is a member driven activity. When the Youth want a meeting we will do our best to make it happen.


As a Venturer, I believe that America's strength lies in our trust in God and in the courage, strength, and traditions of our people.

I will, therefore, be faithful in my religious duties and will maintain a personal sense of honor in my own life.

I will treasure my American heritage and will do all I can to preserve and enrich it.

I will recognize the dignity and worth of all humanity and will use fair play and goodwill in my daily life.

I will acquire the Venturing attitude that seeks the truth in all things and adventure on the frontiers of our changing world

"I guess it's okay. The replacement center says he comes from a long line of infantrymen."
Printed with permission from
Stars and Stripes, Copyright 2003
Stars and Stripes

For more Information or to join our Venturing Crew please contact us.

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