Fort Miles, Delaware
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These photo Galleries will give you an Idea the History of Fort Miles, and the on going preservation and restoration of the Fort as well as theWorld War II Living history activities of the 261st Coast Artillery Regiment.
Our Living Historians
Living History and preservation activities
Historical photos of Fort Miles
6 inch Gun Crew, April 2006
They have a little of the Capt'n in them!
Rob Riley
Chris Kelly
"I remember Black Jack!"
Tony Laino
Keith Reinemann
Chris Lapore
Jason Garver
Jason Penn

6 inch Gun Crew
C Bttry, 261st Coast Artillery

Kevin Olson
Ed "Pappy" Phillips
Dennis Riva and Son Joey
Sweet Hearts since the Crimean War
Come and Dance to Swing City

Fun for Young and Old Alike!

Just shoot'n the breeze.
Dave really Digs Fort Miles.
Blue Berries get ready!
Sharing wisdom

Second World War's Forty-fifth Infantry Division
Back to The WWIIRA,
45th Infantry Division

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