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Brig. Gen. Raymond S. Mclain, Artillery Commander, 45th Division; Maj. Gen. Troy H. Middleton, Commanding General, 45th Division
Newport News, Va. : U.S. Army Signal Corps, Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation, June 4, 1943.


The 45th Division was staged at Camp Patrick Henry before sailing from H.R.P.E. This picture shows the commanding officers of the Division watching a softball game between the WAACS of Port Headquarters Co., H.R.P.E. and the WAACs of Camp Patrick Henry. Left to right: Major General Troy H. Middleton, 0-3476, Commanding Officer, 45th Division; Mrs. M. Crawford, Col. M. Crawford, Jr., Commanding Officer, Camp Patrick Henry; Lt. Sarah Jenks, L-601962; Brigadier General Ray McLain, 0-157502, Commanding Officer, 45th Division Artillery; Lt. Alice B. Davey, L-600277.

Newport News, Va. : U.S. Army Signal Corps, Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation, May 30,1943. Library of Virginia C1:2/05/072


Newport News, Va. : U.S. Army Signal Corps, Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation, June 4, 1943.

Major General Charles P. Gross, 0-3662, Ft. Myers, Virginia, Chief of Transportation, Army Service Forces, and party, met by Brigadier General John R. Kilpatrick, 0-167001, New York, New York, Port Commander, HRPE, at Langley Field, Virginia. Left to right: Brigadier General Raymond S. Mclain, 0-157502, Edmond, Oklahoma, Artillery Commander, 45th Division; Major General Troy H. Middleton, 0-3476, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Commanding General, 45th Division; Major General Gross; Brigadier General Kilpatrick; Brigadier General Robert H. Wylie, 0-11828, Huntington, West Virginia, Assistant Chief of Transportation, Army Service Forces; Brigadier General Carl A. Russell, 0-5144, Arlington, Virginia, War Department General Staff, Operations Division; and Brigadier General John M. Franklin, Washington, D. C., Chief of Water Division, Office of Chief of Transportation.


Taken off Salerno, Italy


Newport News, Va. : U.S. Army Signal Corps, Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation, June 4, 1943.

Brigadier General John R. Kilpatrick, 0167001, Port Commander, HRPE, talking with Major General George A. Middleton, 45th Division, with Major General C. P. Gross, Chief of Transportation, ASF, to the right, taken at Langley Field, after General Gross's party had arrived, enroute to visit HRPE.


Battle of the Bulge

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