157th Infantry Regiment Distinctive insignia, Second World War

Veterans Now and Then,
157th Infantry Regiment

157th Infantry Regiment Distinctive insignia, Second World War

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These photographs are intended as a rememberance and memorial to those who served in the 157th Infantry Regiment. Some of them were placed here by family members looking for information about thier loved ones wartime experiences. If you have any information that you can share or you would like to add someone to our photo-gallery please E-mail:

Click the thumbnail to view the full size photo and captions.

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Rosario Rinella, DOW France
Sicily & Italy Photos
157th Infantry Regiment CP Munich
Ralph Rosa, Medical detachment
Ralph Rosa, Medical detachment
Jack Hallowell
S. France & Alsace Photos
Germany Photos
Peter J. Galary, Medical Detachment
Douglas Studebaker, I&R Platoon
Veterans Now and Then
Veterans Now and Then,
157th Infantry Regiment

Gerald Hall Photos
(157th Infantry Regiment)

Veterans Now and Then,
179th Infantry Regiment
Dr Peter Carl Graffagnino
Joseph Rey, KIA Italy
Hal Gray
Harold Gray, Mackzinus?, Furland?
Veterans Now and Then,
180th Infantry Regiment

Carroll M. Carlson
Lt. Howard Buechner, Doctor
Lt. Robert H. Kimsey, Doctor
Bushyhead & Buechner
Veterans Now and Then,
645th Tank Destroyers

Felix Sparks, 3rd Battalion Commander
Veterans Now and Then, Division Artillery
Irving O.  Schaefer
MG Robert T. Frederick and LTC Chester Cruikshank
Major Ivan C Williams
Lt Jack Bushyhead
Gilbert Wailes
A Battery,
160th FA Bn.

Major George Williams
LTC Elmer Knight
LTC Preston JC Murphy, 2nd Battalion Commander
Reenacting Photos
Charles Stephan, KIA Italy
William Williams, HQ 1st Bn., 157th Infantry, WIA Anzio
Service Company
Service Company, Camp Barkley, TX
Daniel Scully, Service Company, 157th Inf.
Clyde Prichett, Service Company
Cannon company
William Sexton, Cannon Company
Anti tank company
PFC Leon Turmaine
Bernard J. Cantillon
Able company
Larry Mutinsk, A Company
Don Dusher (M Company)and Nick Nichols ( A Company)
Melford Huston
Louis Antonioli , A Company
Baker company
Jacob Abendschan, B Company, 157th Infantry
JD Baily, B Company, 157th Infantry
JD Baily and another Seargent, B Company, 157th Infantry
Edward Lesniewski,  B and G Co.; 157th Infantry
Charlie company
Edward G. Wilkin, C Company
Captain Anse H. Eddie Speairs, Lt Don Waugh, 1Sgt Joe Alle ; C Company
William Blackwell
Preston Donovan,  B Co. 157th and 2 unidentified soldiers
Ernest Stocker,  C Co. 157th Regiment
Cpl. Hugo Jackson, C Company
Alfred Vigliante , C Company
"Tiger Patrol"
4th Platoon, C Company
men from weapons platoon, Charlie Company
Robert Kirchgassner, Mortar Section Chief
Bill Gehring, Platoon Sergeant


Winston Sutter
Earl Bucholz




Dog company
Dale D. Brower, D Company
Glen Haskell, D Company
George and Leona Schweims
George Sheldon, D Company, 157th Inf.


Heavy Machine gun squad
1LT James Shurbutt, D Company
J. Shurbutt, 2004, D Company
Easy company
Almond E. Fisher, E Company
Robert B. Moore
Vernon Horn, E Company, 157th Infantry; WIA, POW France
Charlie Dunham, E Company, 157th Inf.
Fox company
Ray H. Drullinger, F Company
John Pinkman, F Company
John Pinkman with son, F Company
Archie J. Estes, F Company
Lt. William Hoag, F Company
Lt.s Vogel, Bill Hoag, F Company and Karl O. Klohmann; H Company
Lt.s John McClenahan, Bill Hoag, and Mills; F Company
Lt.s Mills, Murray, Capt Adams, Bill Hoag, Vogel, J.P. McClenahan; F Company
Lt. John Paul McClenahan, F Company
Capt. William A. Speight, Pfc Joe C. Thomas, Pfc Asa Swift, Pvt. Dieu Little Warrior, Pvt    , Cpl Ebenezer Wesley
Armor C. Surber , F Company , POW
William Gillespie
Floyd Chapman
George company
Lt. William J. Sheard, G Company
Lonnie Johnson
Edward R. Peppler
Douglas O'Conner, G Company, I57th Inf
Edward Lesniewski,  B and G Co.; 157th Infantry
Louis V. Wims, POW
Walter Balentine , A Company KIA Southern Germany
Andrew Korus, G Company
How company
John W. Kendall Jr., H Company
Clarence P. Seward, H Company
Bruce Hall, H Company
Bruce Hall 1997, H Company
James Hatcher, POW Anzio
Charles Cusack, KIA Italy
Holiday Dinner Roster
H Co Holiday Dinner
Item Company
Pfc. John Degro, I Company
John Lee
SSG Rob White, I Company, 157th Inf.
King company
K Company Camp Barkley, TX
James D. Slaton, K Company
Alvin "Bud" McMillan, Alex McBryde; K Company
Daniel W. Rice
Vere "Tarzan" Williams and Medic
Vere "Tarzan" Williams with medals
Otis Vanderpool, K Company
Otis Vanderpool, K Company
Walter Neuberger, K Company, 157th Infantry
Richard Haslep and G.P. K Company 157th Inf. Reg.
Carl Miller, Dick Haslep, "Tiny" , K Co. 157th
K Company group, Late War
Bill Shaw and , K Company Buddies
Vere "Tarzan" Williams
Steve Burbage with medals
Unidentified and Richard Haslep



Bill Shaw, K Company


Bill Shaw, K Company


Bill Shaw and K Company members Vist, Mac, Ellis, Doc, Hansen


Love company
Thomas W. Jones, L Company
Jack Armagost, L Company
William Gemaehlich, L Company
L Company
Van T. Barfoot, L Company
Van T. Barfoot, L Company
Van T. Barfoot, L Company
Nicholas Halchak
Francis Henry "Bud" Doherty
Peter De Marzo , L Company
Peter  (L Company) & Clara De Marzo 2004
Mike Company
Fred L. Hawthorne, M Company
Clarence Schmitt

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