Tank Eating Tiger, 645th Tank Detroyer Battalion, Second World War

Veterans Now and Then,
645th Tank Destroyer Battalion

Tank Eating Tiger, 645th Tank Destroyer Battalion, Second World War

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These photos are intended as a rememberance and memorial to those who served in the 645th Tank Destroyer Battalion. Some of them were placed here by family members looking for information about thier loved ones wartime experiences. If you have any information that you can share or you would like to add someone to our photo-gallery please E-mail:
WWIIRA History Department.


Click the thumbnail to view the full size photo and captions.

Sicily & Italy Photos
"All is kaput" and crew, M-10, Wolverine
William Kearns
William Kearns on his M-10
Bill Kearns with his tank Destroyer
S. France & Alsace Photos
Germany Photos
M-10 Wolverine, Tank Destroyer, Italy
Chuck Owings, Anzio, Italy
Pvt Winland and POWs, Anzio, Italy
SSG Johonson, Italy
Veterans Now and Then
Veterans Now and Then,
157th Infantry Regiment

Kenneth Thompson, France 1944
Ken Thompson, Recon Plt.
Ken Thompson
Ken Thompson On guard, Dachau area command
Gerald Hall Photos
(157th Infantry Regiment)

Ken Thompson, Austria
Ken Thompson
John Gibson, Sgt Trigger ?
Larry Bumpas, Siegfried line, Germany
Veterans Now and Then,
179th Infantry Regiment
John Gimson, Ken Thompson, M8-Greyhound
Ken Thompson and friends on M-8
James L. Parks and two unidentified soldiers
Two unidentified soldiers
Veterans Now and Then,
180th Infantry Regiment

Three men in a jeep
Unidentified men in a jeep named "Sadness"
George Williams and Ken Thompson
M-8 from Recon Plt. 645th Tank Destroyers
Veterans Now and Then,
645th Tank Destroyers

group of unidentified soldiers from the 645th Tank Destroyer Battalion
Unidentified soldier with a carbine
Unidentified soldier cleaning his rifle
Two soldiers and a cook pot
Veterans Now and Then, Division Artillery
Unidentified soldier and some jeeps
Three unknown officers from the 645th Tank Destroyer Battalion
Unidentified members  of the 645th TD Bn
Men on back of M-8 Greyhound
Gilbert Wailes
A Battery,
160th FA Bn.

Unidentified soldier
Unidentified soldier leaving building
unidentified soldier leaning on a fence
Unidentified LT of the 645th TD Bn.
Reenacting Photos
unidentified soldier with shotgun
Unidentified soldier of the 645th
Unidentified soldier
Unidentified soldier in front of building
German Panther tank Banberg, Germany April 1945
Panther Tank Bamberg, Germany
Tank Destroyers in line
Crossing the Rhine River 26 March 1945
Leroy Williams VMAIL home
Roy Gile
Sgt Frank Hromadka, POW
Frank H. Hromadka and Clarence O. Volner, POWs
Chester Pulaski
Corbett W. Edwards

Along the Autobahn in Germany

German Autobahn
Exit sign German Autobahn
signs for city of Dachau, Germany
88 mm Dual purpose Anti Aircraft Anti Tank gun
88 mm Dual purpose Anti Aircraft Anti Tank gun
German Quad 20mm Anti aircraft gun
German self propeled gun
Germab artillery piece
ME 262 German Jet fighter
ME 262 German Jet fighter
ME 262 German Jet fighter
ME 262 German Jet fighter
Ken Thompson and ME 262 German Jet fighter
ME 262 German Jet fighter
ME 262 German Jet fighter
Refugees on truck
ME 262 German Jet fighter
Autobahn overpass
ME 262 German Jet fighter
German field piece

Sightseeing and heading back to the states

Senic overlook in Switzerland
"Say Cheese"
Some Headquarters
Band concert
House on lake
Ken Thompson and a German schwim wagen
Boat on lake
Soldier and a dog
Two unidentified members of the 645th Tank Destroyer Battalion
Shooting Craps
Ken Thompson and Larry Bumpas on box car
Reims, France
group Reims France
Ken Thompson in front of tent
Ken and friend in front of tent
ready to embark
Ready to embark
Liberty ship
along the rail of the liberty ship

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