180th Infantry Regiment, distinctive insignia, Second World War

Veterans Now and Then,
180th Infantry Regiment

180th Infantry Regiment, distinctive insignia, Second World War

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These photos are intended as a rememberance and memorial to those who served in the 180th Infantry Regiment. Some of them were placed here by family members looking for information about thier loved ones wartime experiences. If you have any information that you can share or you would like to add someone to our photo-gallery please E-mail:
WWIIRA History Department.

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Sicily & Italy Photos

S.France & Alsace Photos
Howard "Max" Aldrich, D Company Lt Jack Montgomery, I Company Jack Montgomery, I Company,  earned Congressional Medal of Honor Samuel Halpern, B Company
Germany Photos

Veterans Now and Then
Ernest Childers, C Company Ernest Cilders , C Company , in headdress Ernest Childers , C Company, and Gen Jacob Devers Ernest Childers, C Company
Veterans Now and Then,
157th Infantry Regiment

Ernest Childers, C Company William J. Johnston, G Company Lt Jess V. Portlan Lt. Howard Kilpatrick, Pfc Everett B. Bevenue, Pfc. Henry T. Lukee
Gerald Hall Photos
(157th Infantry Regiment)

Ray McAllister, C Company Ray Mc Allister, C Company in foxhole Ray Mc Allister, C Company members of the 180th Infantry Regiment 2002
Veterans Now and Then,
179th Infantry Regiment

Dunphy, Alva Bacon, James Burns, and unknown members of Radio section James Burns and Alva Bacon, Radio Section Brummett Echohawk Inspection, camp Barkely, Texas
Veterans Now and Then,
180th Infantry Regiment

tent Camp Barkley Texas Fred R. Caviness and Paul L. Hayes, 2nd Battalion Harry Lightner Bryan W. Nolan, 180th Commander
Veterans Now and Then,
645th Tank Destroyers

Clarence B. Cochrane, 2nd Bn Commander Austin Willie Chubbee, K Company Thomas Mathews, E company Thomas Mathews ,E Company ,  1999
Veterans Now and Then, Division Artillery
Concepcion Trevizo 180th marching through German Villiage David Reid, Medic / no enlarged photo Lawrence Lambilotte
Gilbert Wailes
A Battery,
160th FA Bn.


Reenacting Photos
Group from 180th infantry Regiment Homer Rhodes, H Company, 180th Unidentified soldier Cpl. William Derrick recieving the Bronze Star Medal
Romeo Landry, A Company 180th Olen Curry, Company ? Charles Barberi, Musician and Rifleman Charles Barberi, Silver Star Medal ? Amous Moore, 180th Inf. DOW Italy
Edward Kerker, 1st Bn. 180th Inf. Commander Gavin Hunt, 180th Inf. Awarded Silver Star Italy Howard Sanders, 180th Inf. Jerome Ritchie, 180th Inf. from National Guard to Germany Kiowiah Isham, I Company, 180th Inf. KIA Sicily
Arthur Aloise, E Company, 180th William Hamerdinger, I Company, 180th Inf. Wounded twice William Hamerdinger, I Company, 180th Inf. Dec. 2001 Mackey Kenyon, 180th Inf. Horatio "Ray" Migliore
Emmet Kane , KIA Sicily Douglas Freeland, 1941 Freeland Douglas, Red Stick Brother 180th Infantry Regiment Boxing Team 1942-1943 Frank Carceo, KIA Sicily
Gerard Twomey, KIA France James O'Shaughnessy , KIA Italy SSG Issac Williamson, KIA France John Petralia, KIA, Italy Joseph Mendryga, KIA Germany
Robert Packer, KIA Sicily Kenneth Null, KIA 1945 Mervin Cummings, KIA Germany Michael Di Sabato, KIA France William Bruno, Company C, KIA Italy
Clifford Tucker, L Company Floyd Convent Unidentified man and location Stanley Kusnierczak Fox company Norbert Hamilton, Company I
Gordon Anderson Gordon Anderson and Leonard Yeagle Leo Allen Mccalip Tribute to Byrd Alva Austin Ben A Williams
Albert M Thorn Sr
The following photos belonged to Cassandra McClanahan's grandfather, Vernon Howard, who was in Company I/180th. The photos are from Camp Barkeley, TX, Fort Drum, NY, Anzio, France and Germany.
Chowline Edward Kipp, mail clerk with Vernon Howard Germany May 18, 1945 German POWs KP Vernon Howard left bomb Vernon Howard
Camp BarkeleyVernon Howard, Corporal Casie, Paige, Damon Tent, buddies Camp Barkeley Private Madrid Germany T4 Pecos from New Mexico Anzio 4th Platoon Munich, Lt Lang, Sgt Nilson, Sgt Treaon
T-4 Pecos in France SSG Chief Saul, Anzio Griff from New Mexico in France Wynn, Vernon Howard HQR platoon, I/180th Munich June 27, 1945
Co I/ 180th Rogers, Moorehead, Superior Kitchen France Wynn Paige, Crawford, Carpenter, Pine Camp January 8, 1943 HQR Platoon, Anzio
King from Missouri Germany Paige, Vernon Howard, Pine Camp January 8 1943 Owens, Andrew Avadisia, Germany T-4 Tro from New Mexico Sgt Wynn from New Mexico in France
Company I officers Anzio Vernon Howard Vernon Howard, William Huddleston Feb 1942 Camp Barkeley TX Moorehead Scotty Penn
Spreitzer, Brooklyn kid in Germany TSGT Sanders from Oklahoma at Anzio

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