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Welcome to our 45th Infantry Division photo Gallery. We have placed this here so that you can get to see the faces of the men behind the history and so that you can help us identify the names of people and places not listed in the caption. If you have photos that you would be willing to share with us,or information about photo's that we have up already, please E-mail us:
WWIIRA History Dept. .

Click the thumbnail to view the full size photo and captions.

Sicily & Italy Photos

World War II Notable People and Chain of Command

S. France & Alsace Photos
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
President Harry S. Truman
Harry L. Stimson
Gen. George C. Marshall
Germany Photos
Veterans Now and Then
Bradley, Eisenhower, & Patton
General George S. Patton
en. George S. Patton on beach Gela, Sicily
Lt. General Mark Clark
Veterans Now and Then,
157th Infantry Regiment

Gen Jacob Devers
Lt. Generals Devers & Patch
LTG Patch
Maj. General Lucas
Gerald Hall Photos
(157th Infantry Regiment)

Lt. General Truscott
Lee Miller in Hitlers bath tub
Veterans Now and Then,
179th Infantry Regiment

Photos from the 45th Infantry Division

These photos are from Division Head Quarters or support units or we have not identified the unit or person in the photo. This is intended as a rememberance or memorial to those who served in the 45th Infantry Division. Some of the photos were donated by loved ones seeking to know more about thier relatives wartime service; if you can provide additional information please E-mail the
WWIIRA History Department.

Veterans Now and Then,
180th Infantry Regiment

Veterans Now and Then,
645th Tank Destroyers

Veterans Now and Then, Division Artillery
Captain Richard G. Hagood Recreation officer
Philip Bianculli, 45th ID Band
Chaplain King, Italy
Gilbert Wailes
A Battery,
160th FA Bn.

Sally Stoffer, Elizabeth (mimi) Peters, Elizabeth (Betty) Jones, and Monica Woods
Ken Harper, 45th Signal Company
Bertram Goodman, 700th Ordinance Light Maintenance Company
Benjamin Law, Cook in Officers Mess
Reenacting Photos

120th Medical Battalion

Lloyd E. Wheeler, Irwin Blaustein, Carlos Fowler, John A. Spagnuolo, George W. Snyder

120th Engineers Battalion

Capt Joseph W. Lowe, 120th Engineers
Cecil Hall, 120th Engineer Battalion
Herman Lopez , 120th CEB

120th (45th) Quartermaster


45th Recon Company

John & Della Hughes, 45th Rcn Company, KIA Italy

45th Military Police Company

MP with umbrela
William Bolton
William N. Priest
MPs at Dachau

191st Tank Battalion

Clarence T. Hewgley Jr. , 191st Tank Battalion

Regiment, Battalion, Company

Gordon "Gordy" Duffey
Claud Leonard
LTC Joseph G. Gathey
Unidentified Major
Robert McKellog
Sgt. Nick Defonte
James Reddin
Sightseeing near Berchtesgarten, Germany
Nurnberg center square
Harry Guy and Leslie Howling Wolf
Thomas L. Carmody
Frank Wilkins
Joe Dyer, KIA, unit unknown
Billy Joe Cox,  45thID,
Gaston Edwards, unit unknown
Lester Johnson, POW, Unit unknown
R. C. Parsons, Unit Unknown
James Ealum, unit unknown
Buck Primrose, Unit unknown
Capt John Niehaus, unit unknown
Milford Shortt, Unit Unknown
Stanley Rooney, Unit Unknown
William Ogletree, Unit Unknown
Dennis Dekalb , DOW slowly after war
Joe Varga, 45th Infantry Division
Ellis Holloway, Unknown unit
Robert Albright, unit unknown
Vialquin Valdez , unit unknown, POW
Benjamin Sudnik , Unit unknown, KIA Sicily
Ray Weatherford , unit unknown

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