Distinctive Insignia of the 179th Infantry Regiment, Second World War

Veterans Now and Then,
179th Infantry Regiment
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Distinctive Insignia of the 179th Infantry Regiment, Second World War

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These photos are intended as a rememberance and memorial to those who served in the 179th Infantry Regiment. Some of them were placed here by family members looking for information about thier loved ones wartime experiences. If you have any information that you can share or you would like to add someone to our photo-gallery please E-mail:
WWIIRA History Department.


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Sicily & Italy Photos

S. France & Alsace Photos
Col. William O Darby, Commander Joseph Duffy, L Company, 179th Infantry Regiment, KIA, France Lionel Mc Lemore, B Company, KIA Thomas Keating, L Company, KIA , BOUVALIERRES, FRANCE.
Germany Photos

Veterans Now and Then
Lt Walter Cabaniss, F Company, KIA France. Tony Parise, G Company, KIA, France Lt. William Landgren, 179th Inf Reg Robert Courtney and Ed Traversari, A Company
Veterans Now and Then,
157th Infantry Regiment

Ray Sherman, K Company Ray Sherman, POW Willie Brown, L Company Willie Brown, L Company
Gerald Hall Photos
(157th Infantry Regiment)

D Company, North Africa, 1943 Les Harris, D Company Capt. William J. Leary, E Company Albert Stephan, POW
Veterans Now and Then,
179th Infantry Regiment

Daniel Eigenmann, POW Edward Wojcik, D Company, POW Henry Eubanks, POW John Buchanan, POW
Veterans Now and Then,
180th Infantry Regiment

John Butler, POW John Schroyer, POW John Stepovich, POW Joseph Shaltis Jr. , POW
Veterans Now and Then,
645th Tank Destroyers

Peter Pesce, POW SSG Robert Sears, B Company , POW Stephen Chomos, A Company, POW Anzio Zack Roberts, POW Anzio
Veterans Now and Then, Division Artillery
Luco Licciardi Cecil I. Black, G Company Cecil I Black, G Company Captain Howe, 1LT Ness, G Company, Pine Camp NY
Gilbert Wailes
A Battery,
160th FA Bn.

Sgt Kisselberg, and PFC Schipano, G Company, Pine Camp NY Cecil Black, LT Glenn Yost, Sebastian Chico, Sgt Karl Kisselberg, G Company, Pine Camp NY Cecil Black and Senator Wickersham, Ft Devins, Mass Tommy Hicklin, Dwight McMahan,  Cecil Black, Claude Ward, Don Dequesi, Blakie Bowden
Reenacting Photos
John Hamera F Company
William Heslop Raymond Boose 1942 menu c 179 Walter Horn
Joseph F. Cordova; Co L, 3rd BN Alamosa Colorado J.F.Cordova,KIA Oct 2 1944 outside Granviller Donald Lee Nickel
The following photos belonged to someone named Rene. We believe he was in 3rd Battalion, Headquarters, 179th Infantry Regiment and span from stateside to Germany.
Rene Rene Fred Moore, Camp Pickett Va. Rene, 1943 2 unnamed men and Rene, 1943
Ray, 1943 Ray, 1943 unknown 1943 unnamed man 1943 Ray, 1943
Rene, Naples Italy Rene and friend, Naples, Italy Naples, Italy 1944 Naples Post Office Toy (?) and Rene Italy
Rene and Willie, Italy Julie in France Panther Tank, France close up of photo to the left Rene and Joe
Unknown , France Rene and Julie, France Joe in France Andy in France Al Ireland in France
Al Ireland and Joe Al Ireland, Frank and Andy Renee, Rene, Sue, Julie, Ann in France French Women, Renee, Ann and Sue Sue, Andy, Renee, Ann, Rene
French woman Renee Joe, Sue, Ann, Walter in France Sue, Walter and Ann Unknown soldier, Toy and Julie Rene, Julie, Toy
Charlie 2 Unknown Julie, Rene and Toy 3 unnamed , Rene and Julie goofing around Charlie, Unknown and Julie 2 unnamed France
Unnamed in Vosges region, France 2 unnamed in France John Leposky Julie Julie and John Leposky
unnamed in France Julie in France John L., Toy, Unknown Rene Early in Germany
Charlie, Rene, Walter; the War ends Rene and friend with Souveniers Walter 1945 John Leposky Toy, John Leposky, Swanson, Rene, and Moon
Rene, John Leposky and Swanson Unknown soldier, Germany Charlie and Rene on KP Rene on KP Rene
Rene, somewhere in Germany still no name Rene and Al Ireland Rene in Germany Rene and Toy
Rene, Toy, Swanson, and Andy Conway, Moosburg, Germany Al Ireland, Mooseburg, Germany Charlie; Moosburg, Germany Al Defrain; Moosburg, Germany
  Rene; Moosburg, Germany    

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